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Here’s mine for the week –

She aimlessly strolled down the street, looking for things she could use out of the old rusty spoons and vinyl records being sold by their previous owners.

“How much?”, she asked in quiet French, the owner barely raising his head to answer “50 Euros, it’s an antique,doesn’t turn on anymore. My grandma used to say it spoke to her.”

It was only after she was inside her four solid walls did she turn the knob to hear a familiar voice drone from inside “Ah, it’s been long since I was owned by a witch!”

©Sonali Mukherjee

In Nantes, there’s a place near Talensac Market where they have a brocante – basically a French version of a garage sale every Saturday morning.

I love old and antique stuff so I tagged along when a couple of my friends suggested visiting it. Arguably the best place for a broke student, one side has utilitarian items, like a pretty cardboard tray that is now on my desk helping me organise a bit of my stuff.

There are even entire table-chair sets, entire dinner sets, airplane models, files and unused books on this side. One of my friends found an electric kettle there.

If you cross the road, there’s more higher range stuff, things that a broke college student(read :me) can’t afford.

Beautiful vases from goodness knows where, real silver francs, antique chandeliers, you name it. I think someone was displaying even a katana – a Japanese sword.

It does seem as if one has stepped back a few centuries with the old vinyl records and antique VCR models.

Here’s the antique stuff I bought for a Euro each