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Here’s mine for the week –

Every time someone threw a compliment about her, a new colour would splash, Studious – splash of neon green, Hard Working – splash of orange, Ambitious -splash of yellow.

Jealous ones always caught her when she stood under the dim lights, glowing from her accomplishments – they gossiped behind her back, attributing everything to luck and time.

How ironic it was that the only thing hidden under the splashes of colour were her blood, sweat and tears.

©Sonali Mukherjee

It’s raining here in Nantes and my French window is littered with raindrops, even before I saw the prompt I knew I was going to name it teardrop, the rest of the TLT sort of followed through!

I’m a firm believer in the fact that everyone is fighting their own battles. I also believe that due credit should be given to deserving people. I’ve met people in my life who come up to me and say that I was lucky to be able to do my Bachelor’s in Engineering.

I wouldn’t say that luck played any part in it. These people were not round for the sheer work I put in at that point, and I’m proud of the fact. I’m not going to say I worked the hardest – I know loads of people who worked harder than me, but saying it was all down to luck is demeaning to all my toil.

Go out and make your life what you want it to be, but make sure you’re ready to sacrifice a few things along the way. You can’t have everything all the time!