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Two silhouettes sat cross legged, facing each other, an incense stick burning in the room, engulfing the two engaged in meditation, obscuring them from sight. The former Consiliur peered into the smokescreen, waiting patiently, thinking back to the fateful night that had led to this very day.

Before her mind could deviate to the happenings of that day, she felt a quiet caress to her ear.

Do you think they will make it?

The disembodied voice floated into the room, ice blue eyes crowding her mind’s vision. The Consiliur’s eyes flicked briefly to where she knew her left hand to be – charred and burnt, and decided not to comment.

How is Hope?, She asked instead, getting a sad downturn of Fate’s lips. She knew exactly how much her little sister meant to the ice eyed woman.

Feeling her chin on her shoulder, the Cyan haired advisor closed her eyes, savoring the closeness after years of longing in an isolated tower. Phantom arms wound around her shoulders, squeezing briefly before the touch retreated and the Consiliur opened her eyes to the smokescreen once more.

Just as she had come, she was gone, not one to stay in one place for long and the Consiliur sighed quietly, wondering if a single mistake on her end had led them all the way here. Pinning all their hope on a 23 year old child who had yet to attain Integration.

Arderine sighed, reading through the newly translated manuscripts for the fifth time, unsettled heart making her fidgety.

Her confidante stood to the side, equally quiet. The room was bathed in a dark shade of red, reflecting the dark mood of the occupants, frustration with her own inability to help causing her to feel like shed failed her sister.

“Your Highness”, a soft but firm hand rested on her shoulder and she let it out through a sigh.

“A reprieve from the texts will do you good. Reading the same paragraphs multiple times does not seem to be doing any favours for your productivity, my queen”

As always, the queen smiled, her confidante was her voice of reason. Nodding, she pushed herself out of the uncomfortable chair and smiled at her oldest friend. Years and years of friendship, a bond almost that of sisters had led them to seal their bond as Ruler and Aide, and Arderine simply worried if Aurora would regret making a decision in such haste.

While it would be ungrateful to say Nick hadn’t been of tremendous help to the city, she couldn’t come to overlook how things had started going awry after he’d arrived. Despite her gratitude, she found herself with a certain level of suspicion against the man. And she was about to hand over intimate access of her sister’s unguarded mind to him.

The role of an Aide was that of limitless trust and if he was Marred, it meant that sacred bond had fallen apart once. What had passed between him and his former Ruler? Had it been treason? Who had betrayed whom?

Looking towards the tower where the front Consiliur lay preparing her sister and her aide, her tumultuous thoughts raged like wildfire. She needed to know more. Her mind made up, she headed towards the opposite tower. It was time she used her authority to get some answers.

Red eyes surveyed the barren room, blowing dust off the shelves, replacing the bereft room with the memory of what it used to be. Red curtains billowing in the wind, dark hair tied into a messy braid as it dangled down her back as she walked coyly towards the laughing man at the balcony. His eyes flashed golden as he cackled at her exaggerated sashay before pulling her down by her arm to stand next to him.

“Only you would make light of a wedding”, he would say, still chuckling.

Well, it is only a wedding“, she would say cheekily.

If only she had known how wrong she had been, Valdir had readied his army and had attacked the city the next day.

If only she had known, she would have at least kissed him goodbye.

“General, the Queen is looking for you”, an attendant alerted.

Taking one last look at the room, Peritia nodded and walked out without a backward glance.

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©Sonali Mukherjee

It has been a very long time since I’d started writing this novel.

When I originally started, I was only 11 years old and the story, although fit for an 11 year old child’s skill, no longer fit the 21 year old with a blog.

So I’d begun re-writing most of it. The plot didn’t change much, but the characters do have more depth (obviously) than that of what the mind of an 11 year old would be able to picture.

The chapters following this one, however are being written by a 24 year old me. Therefore, some more mature thinking and further character depth as well as more thought out back stories will make an appearance.

My chapters are generally short, but I’m really trying to keep certain themes per chapter. Hopefully, as I go on, I’ll be able to judge chapter lengths better as well.

Also, note related to the story, I’ve now brought in back stories or at least hints of them into the storyline. I’m going to work more on the side characters as well as the main characters. Peritia is one of my favourite characters and I have her story more or less figured out. She’s a strong woman despite her overall built and there’s a back story as to why.

If I were writing this as a book, I would’ve gone back and added some hints, however, I don’t want to change what I’d written back then because I also want to keep track of my growth as a writer through the years.

I’ll try to upload as regularly as I can and I’ll schedule posts so that they can go out at specific times.