Since I was in Paris on Thursday, I missed out on the TLT for the last week, so even if I’m late, here’s mine for the week!

Also, a big thanks to Sonya for holding these every week! Click here to read or participate!

Strings pulled taut, vision narrowed, a whoosh sounded as soon as the camp leader yelled ‘Release!’ and everyone clapped at the best marksman.

No one noticed the girl in he back as her eyes flashed gold and her arrow disappeared mid air, striking a robber on the other side of the planet.

Innocently clapping the best marksman on his back, she smiled mysteriously – the Earth was a brilliant hiding place for a rogue superhero Princess.

I love the idea of women archers for some reason, I used to parade around with wooden bows and arrows that my Grandfather would get for me when we were at the beach in my city.