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Here’s mine for the week!

“Sylvia! You can’t just stand in the middle of the road like that! This is Paris!”

Decked in a soft yellow dress and a matching hairband, she looked down at her white heeled shoes and smiled happily – her joy too much to be contained in her petite figure.

The passerbys smile at the spectacle and move on. Happiness was contagious, and joy was meant to be shared.

© Sonali Mukherjee

Yayy, a happy one! On a serious note though, I’m not generally good at prompts with people in them so this isn’t my best work.

That being said, and having been to Paris multiple times now (Since I live in France), I love how the city has managed to maintain 18th century feels in multiple areas.

It is however, also notable that the other cities in France are often ignored due to the spotlight on Paris and this saddens me quite a bit.

So many cities in France are beautiful, each in their unique little way and are so easily overlooked. I would urge more people to venture out of Paris if they have the time and take a look at the neighbouring cities as well – although small, they are guaranteed to charm you!