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Here’s mine for the week –

As temperatures soared to dizzying heights, people began to avoid the beach, tugging away their children and folding up mats and umbrellas hastily to escape the punishing Sun.

From afar, doe eyes watched sadly as the people left, sitting held submerged in the ocean by the watersports section as he counted the coins in his hand and looked sadly at the ice cream stand.

Unable to watch the little boy so sad, I made up my mind – the radiant smile I received in exchange for a choco cone was more than enough.

This is referencing the terrible heat wave in Europe these past few days. I’m currently in France, where temperatures are up to 40° C at certain times of the day.

I’m originally from Mumbai, India and I’m not unfamiliar with such temperatures, what makes it as deadly as it is in France is that the French homes/infrastructure is unequipped to handle this heat.

Most places I’ve been to don’t even have a fan, let alone air conditioners which are the norm in Mumbai because we know the heat is coming.

I used to wonder while I was in Mumbai how temperatures that are everyday in one part of the world can be deadly in another.

I can safely say I have my answer now!