As usual, a giant thanks to Sonya for hosting the TLT series. Even though I’m late to the party most of the times!

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Here’s mine for the week –

Tourists gushed over the beauty of the chateau as it stood majestically over the water, oohing and aahing as it glinted gold as the sun hit it just right.

From her prison for the last century or two, the Princess looked out at them, wondering if they ever wrote about her in books or sang her tragic story in song – ‘the gallowed lovers’ she would name it if she could.

Alas, she mused, as the tourists stared at the structure with admiration, beauty and glimmer often bides darker origins.

©Sonali Mukherjee

Yep, this one is dark. But it’s true, the most beautiful monuments often hide the darkest stories known to mankind. Facades, after all, are meant to hide.

PS – Translation of the title (originally in French) – The Castle of Gold