So to start of with, you must have noticed that this update spans two days (23rd and 24th March 2020). I was originally writing a 1 day retrospective blog but then decided to keep it current. The situation is changing drastically within 24 hours and any news you get from me ends up being stale. Starting from today’s blog, the “news” and recount of my day are current and not retrospective.

A lot has happened in these two days, but I’ll start by showing you the mundane glimpses of the day. On 23rd, I remembered a gem painting that I had originally started in 2018. It involves sticking thousands of tiny gem shaped pieces onto a pre-numbered chart to form a giant picture made of tiny gems.

My mom recalled where it was and sent it over to my room where I picked it up again. I’m making slow progress, but hopefully I’ll be done with the entire thing by the time my self-quarantine is done. This is how far I’ve gotten. The complete image is a rendition of the night sky.

I’ve also kept in touch with friends who’ve either left France or are still there and I ended up playing a game of online Ludo with two of my closest friends. All of us are in different cities at the moment, both of them are in France while I’m in India.

Ludo – for all those that have no idea, is an Indian board game in which each player has 4 tokens and the goal is to get all four tokens to the centre or “home” as we call it. For anyone that’s interested, here’s how the board looks. It’s an indian classic and I highly recommend it!

Now for the more morose section. The actual situation.

As of 24th March at midnight IST, India will be under total lockdown. This was announced by Prime Minister Modi at 8pm IST (20h00) and will run for 21 days.

Earlier, the lockdown was in 75 districts, it has now been pushed to all districts, states and union territories in India. Citizens and residents are not allowed to step out of their homes, and if violated, legal action will be taken against them.

This measure is drastic, but necessary. A lot of people are still downplaying the situation and are claiming bogus cures, but the truth is, India’s healthcare system cannot sustain the volumes the like of which France, Italy, Spain and other countries are facing.

To be honest, not even those countries can handle it at this moment, the PM was pretty honest about this scenario and mentioned in his speech that it isn’t for lack of trying that the other countries are unable to fight this virus, these are simply the circumstances.

He asserted that if India cannot get past these 21 days, we will be pushed back 21 years.

This is following the largest nose dive of SENSEX AND NIFTY, the two Indian Stock Market Indices to record lows.

He has also accepted that there will be economic repercussions, but safeguarding the lives of the citizens is paramount now.

The battle has just become more difficult, akin to a siege of sorts. The virus has laid siege to our country, to our world and there is honestly nothing we can do but to wait in our homes, making not a single sound lest the enemy attack.

There were enough rations, what we need now more than ever is patience and perseverance.

It takes perseverance to not set foot outside our doors, I’m not undermining the struggle, remember this is coming from someone who has been shut in a room for 6 days now.

It’s a struggle the likes of which we have simply read about in history books, and that’s all we have for reference.

Remember, we are at a point where we decide what history books will say from this point forward. We once fought without bloodshed using the non-cooperation movement, now we’re being called upon to fight by co operating with the lockdown. We will win this fight, we must.

Let’s be the people history books mention with pride, instead of the being the limitations.

Stay safe, stay indoors. Jai Hind.