After the double update yesterday, this recount is for today. Today marks an important update because I’m officially halfway through with the mandatory 14 day Home Quarantine requirement.

Initially, I wanted to name this update “Life as usual” because for me, it pretty much has been. Other than the strenuous exercise of actually getting to Mumbai from Paris, we were pretty much home quarantined in Paris as well.

Me and my flatmate had stopped leaving the house frequently about a week before the quarantine was announced in Paris, which means I’ve been confined for longer than the one week I’ve been updating my blog for.

I have a timetable that I can afford to deviate from a little bit as long as the chores given to me are completed. Today, I’ve managed to disinfect and wash the last lot of clothes that I wore while on my journey back to Mumbai.

I’ve also increasingly kept in touch with my friends from France and e-introduced them to my sister via a very intense game of Ludo. Speaking to them often reminds me that they are in a more precarious position than we are in. The numbers are only climbing, as country after country falls prey to the virus.

The news, I’m not sure how true this is, claims that different strains of the virus have attacked the American continent and Europe, while the Indian strain is considerably different.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m only checking the news a couple of times per day. The news is almost always disheartening in some way and closed in our houses it is best not to let negativity fester.

I’m not saying cut off the news completely, I’m saying don’t shroud yourself in the negativity that is our current situation.

Another fun thing I’ve noticed, there are monkeys outside our windows. Actual, full sized monkeys, jumping from building to building undeterred because the humans are the caged ones now. I’ve watched the news stating that dolphins are back to Italy’s seas and swans are back to the rivers. Nature has hit a reset button of sorts and we would do well to remember that the Earth is not just ours, it’s theirs too.

I don’t have any big highlight for today, so I won’t put any. God knows, in stressful times like these one mundane day is a luxury.

Enjoy the mundane days, but remember we’re still fighting, just a lot more passively than we’re used to. It’s nice to note that most people have heeded the lockdown and severely restricted their movement. I hope we get through this soon.

Stay inside, stay safe. Jai Hind.