Yes, I know I forgot to put this up on the right day but it was because I scheduled it wrong, so you’ll see Day 10 early in the morning on 29th March or late 28th March depending on your time zone.

As the title implies, lethargy is now seriously making a home in my countenance. Even though I make sure to get up and walk a little every now and then, I’ve found myself sleeping a lot more than I used to earlier.

At first, I thought it was because of jetlag, but now I think it may just be to fill the time. Usually, I avoid afternoon naps because it takes me forever to fall asleep at night, but now I seem to be stuck in an unhealthy cycle of sleeping late, waking up late, napping in the afternoon. Rinse and repeat.

What isn’t helping this cycle is the heat that is now setting in. On most days the temperature in the afternoon rises to 39° and while it isn’t that hot indoors, it’s still pretty hot. I’ve taken to sleeping off these hot hours as a coping mechanism for the heat and in that way it works pretty well.

That’s partly why my blog post is late today. I’ve been trying to walk around more, do a couple of chores in my room and generally keep my brain from being on standby.

I’ve always hated being lethargic so I’m fighting this with all my might. If anyone has any ideas on how to abate this feeling, I’m open to suggestions.

I might resort to cleaning up the room a little bit or scrubbing the walls a second time just to keep myself busy.

What takes up a lot of my time is also worry. Just because I’m in a room by myself doesn’t hide the fact that the world may literally be crumbling outside our walls.

Talks of a recession are rampant and as a finance student myself, I know it’s all but inevitable. On the other hand, the numbers of infected people are rising, even the rate at which people are being infected is rising and these statistics are depressing.

It’s easy to forget that each of those numbers hides behind it a person, or someone who used to be alive.

They’re people like you and me, with blood that ran through their veins just like mine does and they’re snuffed out.

Sometimes I wonder what the world has come to, when we can no longer predict what will happen the next day. When I was in school, we studies what globalisation meant.

Now kids will study how overglobalization was a part of our downfall. In a particular course – International Business Environments, we studied how important it was to have a supply chain that would hold its ground in the worst scenario. I saw how emerging economies embraced digitization much faster than encumbents, how reluctant people are to change, to adapt and how brutally they have now been forced to.

Despite these circumstances, we have adapted. We’ve sacrificed and joined hands to fight against this invisible enemy. We’ve taken hits, strategized, then restrategized because we must win this war. And we will, all it will take is a little more sacrifice.

Stay safe, stay inside. Jai Hind.