Hello, I’m back. And I’m really excited.

Today is the 12th day (out of 14) of my Home Quarantine, which means there are only 2 days left!

There isn’t much to say about today, other than the fact that I sat down and actually tidied up the room a little since we’ll likely sanitize it when I leave it , just in case. The room actually functions as the master bedroom (which is my parents’) so I’ll be moving out even though we might give it an extra few days with a more relaxed confinement.

To be very honest, even though the confinement has been difficult at times, I don’t think the whole process is crushingly difficult and I hope this sellers the minds of those that have yet to go through this mandatory 14 day quarantine and are afraid.

Everyone deals with it a bit differently, everyone will have their problems with the quarantine but what’s important is to maintain your health and distance from your loved ones to be sure that you won’t transmit a deadly disease to them.

I’ve also read that the government will shortly enable helplines for all those who are undergoing stress due to the quarantine. I’m aware that my case is much much better than many others.

Some people have had to quarantine themselves without the comfort of their own homes or family members just outside the door. I hope the government makes this helpline available soon.

As I said, I don’t have much to say today so I’ll sign of here.

Stay safe, stay inside. Jai Hind.