This will likely be the last of my quarantine logs, even though I’ll be under slight confinement for an extra day or two until we’ve managed to sanitize all conceivable surfaces that I may have gotten in contact with.

Starting tomorrow, my door will be open and I will no longer have to interact with my parents and sister via a mask, although we’re holding off interactions with my 80 year old grandmother for a couple of days just to be sure.

My day today has actually been filled with sanitizing the areas, I’ve wiped down most surfaces that I was in contact with, including my suitcases, the cupboards and the door handles. I’ve also cleaned up the bed so that the bedsheets can be put to wash tomorrow. I’ve packed all my non-essentials and I’m greatly looking forward to tomorrow!

For anyone who is going through a similar time and needs a listening ear, I reply to comments as soon as possible so go ahead and reach out if you like!

The fight will continue through this pandemic and I hope we will be able to cross this gigantic hurdle given the time and resources.

I’ve made sure to end all of my logs with stay safe and stay inside. I know these are the only two pieces of advice I can give you, and I sincerely hope everyone is staying inside as much as possible. For their sakes and everyone else’s.

Signing off from the home quarantine in a couple of hours.

Stay safe, stay inside. Jai Hind.