For the people that still follow this thread, I know I’m late for my regular update. This has been on my mind a lot but it’s taken me a whole year to get around to it now.

For everyone that has no idea, I post a letter, once a year, addressed to myself, one year in the future. I started this somewhere in 2015 and have continued to work through it.

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Looking back, there’s so many memories that I would have forgotten had I not written them down.

Anyway, here you go, 2021’s update

Dear Future Me,

It has been a hell of a ride this year.

I’m sure the days have blurred for you already, but 2021 brought challenges that 2020 couldn’t.

I think, so much of 2020 was running around, trying to get this done and that done and book a slot for the vaccine and make sure you got the certificate, that we forgot how it was like to stand still.

No one ever taught us how it would feel to have to work from home, showing a persona to our families that they had never seen before.

No one could have described the loneliness of sitting alone at your desk while at work, taking calls until your jaw hurts, only to realise it’s morning.

What no one could also describe, however, was the sheer grit of everyone around, keeping themselves afloat, keeping others afloat.

Jokes sent to personal chats, people picking up the slack when others are out of office. The camaraderie was tested and found strong.

It was scary, but we’re almost through this year.

I spent a long time on this letter, I’ve been thinking about it since August.

That’s because there’s not that much to put down. A whole lot of this year was stagnant. Not much travelling, shopping online and scaled down festivals.

Was it difficult?


Did it teach you about yourself?

Also yes

I think the 2020 me also mentioned this. But we’ve always been so goal oriented that we’ve never had to stop and face our own self.

Because it was always for some goal. Goals that are past you now.

I know you think about how you’ll be 30 soon. I know you do because I already do.

Beneath all my jokes, it still stings a bit that the years are passing too fast.

So here are some highlights of the year that has gone by, told by the person who has just lived through them.

You got an award this year, for the delivery of Price Master for a big client. Do you remember Annette? She taught us so much, drop her a message sometime.

Needhi and Andrew, Nick and Andy, they’ve all taught you so much over the past year and a half and you continue to learn every day.

IVP also gave you an Air Purifier by the way, the one you love to death. The tiny white monster that whirs and goes bat shit crazy when dust makes it in through the window.

This is the year Dhwani is in France, she’s definitely reading this, you go girl! 😀

You bought BTS Uno Cards and cute clothes and a shit ton of skincare.

You’ve had highs and lows, none as dramatic as before.

This year, you’ve led a peaceful life. A reprieve from all the mad running around you’ve had to do before.

You’ve focussed on yourself and the people closest to you and sometimes you’re not great at keeping in contact with people, but you don’t mean any harm.

You crossed a few milestones this year and your collection of stones is looking pretty good.

We’ve just had diwali, you remember, Sneha’s back and makes you feel just a tiny bit more human than before.

Your Instagram and blog are probably dead. We only ever post when Sneha complains :p

But your heart is alive and it’s quiet. Peaceful and calm.

Something we’ve never had before.

I hope you enjoyed it until it lasts, this reprieve is bound to be temporary.

I said there wasn’t much that happened right?

So I’ll end this letter here, hopefully you’ll have enough to write a longer one next year.

Best of luck love,