At this point, I’m pretty sure I don’t even have a schedule to update these and I’m not entirely sure if anyone is still reading, but I’ll carry on this tradition for the sake of my memories.

A bit of a background for the stray reader who has stumbled upon this post somehow – Hi! I do this post once a year where I address a letter to myself, one year in the future. So far, it’s helped me keep track of the happenings in my own timeline, you’d be surprised how many moments we forget through the years.

If you’re interested in reading the rest – go to this link and scroll down to the Dear Future Me section!

Anyway, so this is my letter for 2022, only a few months late this time.

Dear Future Me,

Exciting year we’ve had this time. We’ve finally seen Covid – 19 go down a bit, and most people are now vaccinated.

Although, you did get Covid in Jan, so there’s that. Because Mom and You got it, we had a damn picnic of a time! Armed with a microwave, a cooker and an Amazon Prime subscription, we basically shooed ccovid away.

We’re back in office as well, and a different one this time.

We’ve moved from IVP and it’s been about a month now but that’s the first thing I want to remind you of – the great team there, all the people that wished you farewell, the pretty Ichigo lamp and Cake Stand and the beautiful gigantic card with everyone’s thoughts.

For the last two years, we’ve learned so much at IVP and I hope it will stand us in good stead ahead.

And now for the next step – which was the original reason this post was delayed. You’ve just joined UBS – The biggest Investment Bank in the world! And it’s in the finance sphere!

I hope by the time you read this, we’re still there, because in the last month, there have been so many exciting new things to learn, new terms, new concepts to look at and new ways to add value to the team.

Remember the warm welcome, the exciting work and the transition from a small office to a huge one! And it’s probably the first time we’ve had to travel so much as well!

On a wayy lighter note, I want you to remember your rekindled joy for Pokemon Go ( which you religiously play btw) and all the new Pokemon lore that’s just coming out. The Ultra Beasts were released this Pokemon Go Fest. Remember how you dressed up and left for the fest for a couple of hours? 10 year old me would probably burst into tears if they realised this.

You’re also still dancing, not entirely sure if I already mentioned this in last year’s update, but well. We just finished Shrita Kamala and started Nachanti (which is damn tough) and your body wants to kill you every weekend😂

We also just had an Ilish Party with the folks from dance class, I hope you still have the pictures, I definitely still remember the taste. Such a great experience and such great memories.

So many disjointed things, but they mash up into a supremely happening year!

Like we did last year, I wanted this letter to be “untainted” by anything I’ve said in the years before so I haven’t really read those yet. I’ll do that after we get done with this letter.

So to finish off, I hope you’re well and happy, because those are the two things that actually matter and I hope your future is bright.