Hi! My name is Sonali Mukherjee and I am a 20 year old Engineering student. My passions include dancing, writing and taking apart circuits. Prior to starting this blog, I have been first a Senior Columnist then Managing Editor of the Columns section of my college newsletter, the link to which is http://spark.collegeshack.in/

I am an avid reader and I love the works of J. K. Rowling, C. S. Lewis, Carolyn Keene, Enid Blyton, Dan Brown, Jeffery Archer and many others. I also have had training in the classical dance form – Oddissi for 4-5 years. Apart from that, I enjoy trying to understand complexities in circuits that we use in day to day lives and the amount of designing that goes into it.

I also like to paint and I have done Wall painting, Glass painting, Fabric painting and general painting as well. My sketches, however, are largely of wolves, which is my spirit animal (Hence the name). Most of my sketches also have linked poems and short sayings written by me!

I had written the skeleton for my series, – The Quest of The Living Water in school and have put them up (with tweaks). I will be uploading the entire series in 3 parts, one of which is done as of 25th Jan 2016.

The Core is a slightly more adult and intense series. The prologue is the only portion that needs to be read before moving on to any episode. They can all be read as stand alone stories.

My recipes are tried and tested and usually easy to make (I am a student after all).

Hope you enjoy my posts😊

See ya ’round!

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