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The onset of online games – Day 2 of Home Quarantine

This recount is as of 20th March 2020, my second day of self-quarantine in Mumbai.

A lot of people have reached out to me after my last post, expressing their concerns about the self-quarantine and lending support. Thanks tk everyone who was kind enough to reach out. I hope everyone stays safe.

Given the questions I received, I’ll explain the dynamics of the self-quarantine.

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The Last Flight Home – Self Quarantine Day 1

No matter where you are in the world, I’m sure you’ve heard of the havoc caused by Covid-19 or the spread of the highly infectious Coronavirus.

About a month or two ago, this disease was contained, and then it made it to Europe where the mayhem began.

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Dear Future Me – Part IV

Hi everyone,

I know I’m about half a year late to update this series, but I had a good reason for holding out so long.

For those who will read this for the first time, this is a letter from the me of today (it is the 26th of December 2019) to all the mes of the future, to remind the future me of the struggles I have gotten through whenever the going gets tough.

If you’d like to read the rest of them, I’ve linked them below –

Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me Part II

Dear Future Me Part III

Now, here we go.

Dear Sonali,

I’ve just read the letters from the last three years, and I find myself moved to tears, by myself. That sounds weird, but life is, so we’ll deal with it.

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Three Line Tales Week 75 – Dark Justice

Hello everyone,

I pop out of nowhere to join into the TLT series held by Sonya! Click here to go read the rules or the other entries!

Here’s mine for the week –

The sweet sound of howls filled the air, wolves and the supernatural professing their devotion to the unusual moon that graced them this night.

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Three Line Tales Week 74 – Chateau d’Or

As usual, a giant thanks to Sonya for hosting the TLT series. Even though I’m late to the party most of the times!

Click here to read the other entries and/or participate in the challenge!

Here’s mine for the week –

Tourists gushed over the beauty of the chateau as it stood majestically over the water, oohing and aahing as it glinted gold as the sun hit it just right.

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The Tale of the two Pigtails

I’ve been watching a lot of hair related videos lately – not consciously, just what YouTube keeps recommending and as a consequence, I’ve ended up braiding my hair before sleep so I wake up tangle free (And with awesome natural waves)

I generally do a classic braid going down my back (well, maybe mid-back) but today I felt like something else and on impulse I put my hair into two schoolgirl style braids.

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Chapter 9 – Long burns the Candle Whose Wick is Trimmed

Read the previous chapters here

The sigh he heaved displaced some of the dust in the otherwise unperturbed room – untouched by time and locked in its own little bubble in space.

He wondered if even the spirits of the forest dared to encroach the space around the room – an eerie sadness framing the beautifully set furniture lying forever in wait for its true owner to come claim it. For them to walk in and turn it into the paradise it was built to encase.

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Three Line Tales Week 73 – More Than Enough

As usual, a huge thanks to Sonya for hosting the TLT. Click here to read and/or participate!

Here’s mine for the week –

As temperatures soared to dizzying heights, people began to avoid the beach, tugging away their children and folding up mats and umbrellas hastily to escape the punishing Sun.

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Unknown – wandered into the Castle in Celaver at the age of 5

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Adopted Daughter of Quesios

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Electric Blue Eyes and Chocolate Coloured Hair

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