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Three Line Tales Week 72 – Joy Was Meant to be Shared

As usual, a giant thanks to Sonya for hosting the TLT challenge. Click here to read and/or participate!

Here’s mine for the week!

“Sylvia! You can’t just stand in the middle of the road like that! This is Paris!”

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Three Line Tales Week 71 – Flashing Gold

Since I was in Paris on Thursday, I missed out on the TLT for the last week, so even if I’m late, here’s mine for the week!

Also, a big thanks to Sonya for holding these every week! Click here to read or participate!

Strings pulled taut, vision narrowed, a whoosh sounded as soon as the camp leader yelled ‘Release!’ and everyone clapped at the best marksman.

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Notable Family Members

Younger Brother of Aurora and Arderine’s Mother

Adopted Father to Maya

Physical Traits

Handsome, looks like he’s in his 50s

Integration Mark

Interlocking sideways figure 8 on his right cheekbone.

Inscription reads vos ambitioni pervium me and was translated by Nick as You Intrigue Me


Electric Blue


Chief Medical and Scientific Advisor (before going AWOL)

Chapter 7 – Whispers of the Spirit

Previous Chapters can be found here

Blue eyes shone back from the reflection in the pool of water as her hands came up to wash her face in the fountain. She looked up to see a handsome man walk towards her and felt her body straighten and a smile pull at her lips at the sight of him.

She was now used to the disconcerting feeling of being a spectator into someone else’s memories, whichever ones Nick allowed her to see anyway. She knew he had enough control to shield himself if need be.

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To My King

Hey Dad,

It’s me. I would never be able to say this to you face to face because I’m my awkward self when it comes to emotions and so I’m taking the Coward’s way out and writing you a letter instead.

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Chapter 6 – Nothing Haunts Like The Things We Haven’t Said

Previous Chapters can be found here.

Two silhouettes sat cross legged, facing each other, an incense stick burning in the room, engulfing the two engaged in meditation, obscuring them from sight. The former Consiliur peered into the smokescreen, waiting patiently, thinking back to the fateful night that had led to this very day.

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Three Line Tales Week 70 – Good For Nothing Pansy

How long has it been since I did one of these? Too long, my friend, too long.

As always, a giant thanks to Sonya for hosting the Three Line Tales every week. I’m glad to have something to come back to and start blogging again.

Here’s mine for the week –

His face flinched violently to the side, the strike to his cheek burning embarassment through his blood.

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In a Worryingly Virtual World

Hello everyone! It’s been a long long time since I last posted, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to sit down and note my thoughts down, but I’m doing this article because it’s just something I’ve noticed recently.

I’m a 90s kid. Basically that one iconic sentence means I was here when we still had dial-up internet connections (that I wasn’t allowed to use because it was reserved for my dad’s office work), before google and wikihow took the world by storm and while Orkut was still the rage of the teenagers.

In retrospect, I was here when the internet was simply a blessing.

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3 Line Tales Week 69 – Crash and Burn

A big thanks to Sonya for holding the TLT challenge every week! To read and/or participate, click here

Here’s mine for the week –

Strolling by the desolate Moors, he watched children in ratty clothes scurrying around like vermin, snatching whatever bits of food from the marshy floors.

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