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I’m thankful for Tag

So, after a long time, Savio has nominated me for another tag.

Honestly, I believe everyone should take part in this tag because generally we have a tendency to look at the at the wrongs rather than the rights in our lives. Continue reading “I’m thankful for Tag”

Hand’s Up Tag! 

Hand’s Up Tag!

Thanks for nominating me for this challenge, Savio 

Here are 10 things I think I do best with my hands

  1. Code (This word is probably only used by programmers. It simply means I write programs with these hands. It’s my job!😁)
  2. Continue reading “Hand’s Up Tag! “

The Child In Me

Aditi had nominated me on children’s day,  but I haven’t had time to complete this challenge.  Lately,  work has been quite demanding, and I work odd hours anyway, so I barely have any time for blogging.  Continue reading “The Child In Me”

Celebrating The Little Things Tag! 

Sorry, I  had  everything ready  and  I  simply forgot to post this one!

I  remembered  just  now! My  memory  sucks, sorry@( ̄- ̄)@

So Savio tagged me on this post! 

There are a few questions to be answered,  so here goes! 

Continue reading “Celebrating The Little Things Tag! “

The Tag of 8s

Savio had actually tagged me a while ago, but I haven’t been well for a while and ended up forgetting! I’ll do it now!

Continue reading “The Tag of 8s”

Random Questions (?) Tag

So Savio nominated me for this one! I really wanted to wait a few days since the no of questions is supposed to be equal to your age, and I turn 21 in only 4 more days!

But since I’m doing this today, there will only be 20 questions from my side and I’ll be answering the 34 questions that Savio has nominated me to.

Here goes

Continue reading “Random Questions (?) Tag”

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