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A Date With My Vial of Felix Felicis Part II

In Big Chill

Read Part I here

When someone asks you whether you’d like to visit a book cafe or not, don’t say No.

Piyusha told me that it wasn’t in CP (where we were, if you recall), but in Khan Market, I didn’t really know how to get there anyway, she told me we’d have to travel by metro.
By now, I had already travelled a bit with my friends, so I had a metro card!

For those who are wondering why I would be so happy about it, you have clearly never seen the huge queue for tickets. Even though we were there for a month, all of us had Metro cards and I think all of us kept them,as memoirs of our travels.

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A date with my vial of *Felix Felicis – Part I

 *liquid luck potion in the Harry Potter universe

And so we move to Delhi Diaries Number 2!

Also, this post was getting very long so I split it into two😅

One of the biggest firsts of my life was meeting an online friend. It was a rainy day in Delhi (which I could only hear because my hotel room had no windows😅) on which I had decided to meet this friend.

Piyusha is more than simply an online friend though. Most humans have water as 75% of their composition, I’m sure Piyusha has encouragement! From encouraging me to write or expand on the Story Continuation Prompts to insisting I publish my story on Readomania, she has been a vial of Felix Felicis. Every one of the stories I wrote on her insistence became top read on my blog. This was the woman I was going to meet!

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The Visit to Sarojini Nagar Market

Yes, the first post of the Delhi Diaries is finally here!

The first thing you do when you get your salary is to start planning how to save it and ration it. Hence on a day when we had nothing to do, we chose the most rational way out! We went shopping!😉

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