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The rising anticipation – Day 12 of Home Quarantine

Hello, I’m back. And I’m really excited.

Today is the 12th day (out of 14) of my Home Quarantine, which means there are only 2 days left!

There isn’t much to say about today, other than the fact that I sat down and actually tidied up the room a little since we’ll likely sanitize it when I leave it , just in case. The room actually functions as the master bedroom (which is my parents’) so I’ll be moving out even though we might give it an extra few days with a more relaxed confinement.

To be very honest, even though the confinement has been difficult at times, I don’t think the whole process is crushingly difficult and I hope this sellers the minds of those that have yet to go through this mandatory 14 day quarantine and are afraid.

Everyone deals with it a bit differently, everyone will have their problems with the quarantine but what’s important is to maintain your health and distance from your loved ones to be sure that you won’t transmit a deadly disease to them.

I’ve also read that the government will shortly enable helplines for all those who are undergoing stress due to the quarantine. I’m aware that my case is much much better than many others.

Some people have had to quarantine themselves without the comfort of their own homes or family members just outside the door. I hope the government makes this helpline available soon.

As I said, I don’t have much to say today so I’ll sign of here.

Stay safe, stay inside. Jai Hind.

The tyranny of an idle mind – Day 11 of Home Quarantine

Would you look at that, I’m finally updating on time!

I’m on the 11th day of my home quarantine and if there’s one thing I can tell you about this whole process – it’s not easy.

Sure, theoretically it sounds like a walk in the park. Sit at home, get waited hand and foot, watch YouTube and chill!

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Must fight this Lethargy – Day 10 of Home Quarantine

Yes, I know I forgot to put this up on the right day but it was because I scheduled it wrong, so you’ll see Day 10 early in the morning on 29th March or late 28th March depending on your time zone.

As the title implies, lethargy is now seriously making a home in my countenance. Even though I make sure to get up and walk a little every now and then, I’ve found myself sleeping a lot more than I used to earlier.

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Time Warp – Day 9 of Home Quarantine

I’ll be honest, the days are bleeding into each other and I didn’t remember to upload this post until my dad said he’s turning in. That’s how I realised the day is done.

It’s a scary concept, being unable to keep track of the days. Earlier this morning one of my friends who lives in the US said we’d do a group video call on the weekend. I only realised that implied either tomorrow or day after, after I checked the day.

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I miss hugs – Day 8 of Home Quarantine

As you can see from the title, my more petulant side has made a comeback.

The stress and worry of the past months has left me quite a jumpy person and I think after the 7 day mark yesterday, it hit me that I actually made it home. Today is probably the first time I’ve started to work myself out of the fight or flight mode, the adrenaline rush finally ebbing away.

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Hitting the halfway mark – Day 7 of Home Quarantine

After the double update yesterday, this recount is for today. Today marks an important update because I’m officially halfway through with the mandatory 14 day Home Quarantine requirement.

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The Escalation of the situation in India – Days 5 and 6 of Home Quarantine

So to start of with, you must have noticed that this update spans two days (23rd and 24th March 2020). I was originally writing a 1 day retrospective blog but then decided to keep it current. The situation is changing drastically within 24 hours and any news you get from me ends up being stale. Starting from today’s blog, the “news” and recount of my day are current and not retrospective.

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Solidarity of a billion Indians – Day 4 of Home Quarantine

Today’s update, or well, yesterday’s, comes a bit late. Sunday, 22nd of March will be remembered by the Indians who witnessed it forever.

To start of with, let me explain to you what the day was supposed to look like. It was a self quarantine asked for by the central government (Prime Minister Modi) spanning from 7h00 (7am) IST to 21h00 (9pm) IST. A small dalliance would be at 17h00 (5pm IST) where all citizens were asked to clap, ring bells or sound conches to thank the tireless foot soldiers – everyday workers, owners of grocery shops, doctors, nurses and volunteers. All the people that are fighting against the virus.

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The start of productivity – Day 3 of Home Quarantine

Welcome to the recount of day 3 of my government regulated home quarantine (As per 21/03/2020).

There was an influx of so many encouraging messages and I’m truly grateful for all those who expressed their support in these trying times.

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