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Dear Future Me – Part IV

Hi everyone,

I know I’m about half a year late to update this series, but I had a good reason for holding out so long.

For those who will read this for the first time, this is a letter from the me of today (it is the 26th of December 2019) to all the mes of the future, to remind the future me of the struggles I have gotten through whenever the going gets tough.

If you’d like to read the rest of them, I’ve linked them below –

Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me Part II

Dear Future Me Part III

Now, here we go.

Dear Sonali,

I’ve just read the letters from the last three years, and I find myself moved to tears, by myself. That sounds weird, but life is, so we’ll deal with it.

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To My King

Hey Dad,

It’s me. I would never be able to say this to you face to face because I’m my awkward self when it comes to emotions and so I’m taking the Coward’s way out and writing you a letter instead.

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To Mumbai, With Love – Sonali

In five days I will leave your ground, leave the land I’ve called my home for twenty three long years. I’ll be leaving my sanctuary, the only city I’ve ever fallen in love with.

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Dear Future Me Part III – 2018

Way back in 2016, Savio nominated me for a challenge that continues to bring both tears and smiles to my eyes.

It’s the Dear Future Me Challenge, in which I read letters written to me, by me a year ago. If you do go to read those letters, they’re here and here.

If you ended up following those links, you’ll realise how late I am in answering myself, but I had a good reason. I wanted to be able to put this letter out only after all the formalities were complete and everything was dead certain, so I’m writing this and setting it up to release on 1St September, I’ll be somewhere over Europe by then.. or now since you’re reading this.

Here’s the actual letter

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Dear Future Me (Part II) 

A year back, Savio had nominated me for a challenge. I had to write a letter to myself, that I would only read a year later. Being the extremely forgetful person that I am, I made sure to set a reminder. It showed up on my calendar yesterday.

You can read it here

It made me realise how the younger, fresher me saw life. How she predicted somehow, how I would be feeling. Little nuances of my life at that time, that were almost forgotten by me till today. 

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Year in Review

Year in Review

I was actually looking forward to the year in review that WordPress did last time, but since they didn’t do it this time,I’m just going to run through my year right here.

I actively started blogging from October 2015, but I seem to have missed the stats for January so I’ll start with Feb. Jan was the month of exams, the last semester of my college life had begun. There were loads of ups and Downs,  but I’ve scaled them and come out victorious.

Here are the total stats
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Third Story Published Online! 

Hi guys! I’m really happy right now because my third story was published on Readomania day before yesterday! 

So  far  the  three  published  are

  1. A Neatly Pinned Photo
  2. The Fifteen Year Wait
  3. By Your Side

I’d love any feedback on the stories either in the form of e-mails, comments, votes or ratings on Readomania! 

Thanks to everybody who has ever commented,  given feedback or liked my posts.  You’ll give me the impetus to write and share my stories with everyone! 


I’m Back!

Hi, I know I’ve been off the radar for a while, but there was so much work!! Ugh. I’m back now though, and I hope to be more active from now on. I’ve only been posting 3 Line Tales recently, my Delhi Diaries also have been left orphaned and my stories are pretty much in tears!

Since this is quite a random post, I thought I’d just ramble for a while.

Also, my next post is probably going to be a recipe,

Should I post my Dead Easy Waffles recipe?

Or do you want to see some Easy Japanese Manju Recipe?

I love cooking desserts so if you have any recipes that I could try, I’d love if you send me a link in the comments.

Also! I crossed 100 followers a while back!

Thank You all you lovely people for following me and reading my posts! 

I had always hoped that I would find an audience for the stories I wrote, but I found a lovely network of people on this platform.

I have never actually met most of you, but I love the fact that you’ll take time to write sweet and helpful comments and give me feedback just like a family would!

Thanks to all those lovely people who didn’t end up  unfollowing me because I was a little inactive!

My 8 year old self would probably be smiling ear to ear if someone ever told her that there’d be over a 100 people reading what she writes!😊

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