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Covid-19 Quarantine

The Escalation of the situation in India – Days 5 and 6 of Home Quarantine

So to start of with, you must have noticed that this update spans two days (23rd and 24th March 2020). I was originally writing a 1 day retrospective blog but then decided to keep it current. The situation is changing drastically within 24 hours and any news you get from me ends up being stale. Starting from today’s blog, the “news” and recount of my day are current and not retrospective.

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Solidarity of a billion Indians – Day 4 of Home Quarantine

Today’s update, or well, yesterday’s, comes a bit late. Sunday, 22nd of March will be remembered by the Indians who witnessed it forever.

To start of with, let me explain to you what the day was supposed to look like. It was a self quarantine asked for by the central government (Prime Minister Modi) spanning from 7h00 (7am) IST to 21h00 (9pm) IST. A small dalliance would be at 17h00 (5pm IST) where all citizens were asked to clap, ring bells or sound conches to thank the tireless foot soldiers – everyday workers, owners of grocery shops, doctors, nurses and volunteers. All the people that are fighting against the virus.

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The start of productivity – Day 3 of Home Quarantine

Welcome to the recount of day 3 of my government regulated home quarantine (As per 21/03/2020).

There was an influx of so many encouraging messages and I’m truly grateful for all those who expressed their support in these trying times.

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The onset of online games – Day 2 of Home Quarantine

This recount is as of 20th March 2020, my second day of self-quarantine in Mumbai.

A lot of people have reached out to me after my last post, expressing their concerns about the self-quarantine and lending support. Thanks tk everyone who was kind enough to reach out. I hope everyone stays safe.

Given the questions I received, I’ll explain the dynamics of the self-quarantine.

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The Last Flight Home – Self Quarantine Day 1

No matter where you are in the world, I’m sure you’ve heard of the havoc caused by Covid-19 or the spread of the highly infectious Coronavirus.

About a month or two ago, this disease was contained, and then it made it to Europe where the mayhem began.

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