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Twittering Tales

Twittering Tales #8 – Alone

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A big thanks to Kat for holding the Twittering Tales challenge!

Last week was a tad hectic for me so I wasn’t able to take part in The Twittering Tales. 

This prompt gives off a forlorn sort of feel. I font know whether its just me and monochrome photos, though.

Anyway, here’s mine for the week.

Weren’t your friends supposed to be on this trip? 
She smiled forlornly. 

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Twittering Tales #7 – A Day before An Exam!

Many thanks to Kat for hosting Twittering Tales every week! Head to the link above to read last week’s entries and participate this week!

Here’s mine

“No mobiles or tablets! Let’s have a look at your French Grammar!”

There was no stricter teacher than a best friend one day before the exam.

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Twittering Tales #6 – Infallible 

Twittering Tales
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A big thanks to Kat for continuing to hold the Twittering Tales Challenge. 

Here’s mine for the week.

Nobody knew about the inspiration – his three friend and dog infallible support team.

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Twittering Tales #5 – Maybe Two is Better than One

Twittering Tales #5
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A big Thanks to Kat for hosting the twittering tales!

Here’s mine for the week!

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Twittering Tales #4 – Hidden Love

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A big thanks to Kat for hosting the Twittering Tales! Here’s mine for the day.

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Twittering Tales #3 – Selfie? 

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Here’s the  link  to  Kat’s  blog  if  you  want to read last time’s submissions or take part this time!

Here’s mine for this week


Fear of the ocean

His eyebrows raised


Arm around her shoulders, 

A quiet whispered “You’ll be fine”

Camera flash

Love replaces Fear

©Sonali Mukherjee

Twittering Tales #2 – Eyes

Twittering Tales #2
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A huge thanks to Kat for hosting Twittering Tales!

Here’s mine for the week!

The flames lapped at her feet, ground unsteady, yet she still wielded her weapon, held her stance.

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Twittering Tales #1 – Diary

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I stumbled upon this challenge while going through my WordPress Reader.

I generally have very long and elaborate tales, except for the three line tales I take part in every Thursday. Let’s see how I fare with 140 characters!

Thanks to Kat Myrman for hosting this challenge!

Here’s my entry for  the  challenge!

Jan 2012,

Dear Diary,  I wonder what expression he has right now. 

The soft teardrop on the page answered his wife’s question on her last entry. 

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