Howling With The Wolf

The unimpeded thoughts of the spirit


The Quest Series

Chapter 9 – Long burns the Candle Whose Wick is Trimmed

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The sigh he heaved displaced some of the dust in the otherwise unperturbed room – untouched by time and locked in its own little bubble in space.

He wondered if even the spirits of the forest dared to encroach the space around the room – an eerie sadness framing the beautifully set furniture lying forever in wait for its true owner to come claim it. For them to walk in and turn it into the paradise it was built to encase.

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Unknown – wandered into the Castle in Celaver at the age of 5

Notable Family Members

Adopted Daughter of Quesios

Physical Traits

Electric Blue Eyes and Chocolate Coloured Hair

Integration Mark



Electric Blue


Assistant to Chief Medical and Scientific Advisor

Chapter 8 – The String That Ties You to Me

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Thump, thump, thump.

The sound echoed throughout the empty cavern, overgrown trees forming a canopy above the huge creature, its tail whacking the ground at certain intervals.

He stood five feet before the fearsome beast, only sadness in his eyes.

You truly believe she will come?, The voice echoed in his head.

Closing his eyes for a moment, he pictured a smiling face.

At his nod, the dragon opened his eyes.

Preparations were in order.

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Notable Family Members

Younger Brother of Aurora and Arderine’s Mother

Adopted Father to Maya

Physical Traits

Handsome, looks like he’s in his 50s

Integration Mark

Interlocking sideways figure 8 on his right cheekbone.

Inscription reads vos ambitioni pervium me and was translated by Nick as You Intrigue Me


Electric Blue


Chief Medical and Scientific Advisor (before going AWOL)

Chapter 7 – Whispers of the Spirit

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Blue eyes shone back from the reflection in the pool of water as her hands came up to wash her face in the fountain. She looked up to see a handsome man walk towards her and felt her body straighten and a smile pull at her lips at the sight of him.

She was now used to the disconcerting feeling of being a spectator into someone else’s memories, whichever ones Nick allowed her to see anyway. She knew he had enough control to shield himself if need be.

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Chapter 6 – Nothing Haunts Like The Things We Haven’t Said

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Two silhouettes sat cross legged, facing each other, an incense stick burning in the room, engulfing the two engaged in meditation, obscuring them from sight. The former Consiliur peered into the smokescreen, waiting patiently, thinking back to the fateful night that had led to this very day.

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Chapter 6 – Resolute lies the Will of One who has tasted Failure once

The winds had halted, their very breaths held in anticipation, all eyes set at the Consiliur’s tower. The second princess would pick an aide tonight.

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Chapter 5 – Deep Breath Before the Plunge 

Peritia – Sketch by Kartik Chakole

One of my friends did a character sketch of Peritia, including some of the weapons she uses.

Here’s  another with her red eyes!

Sketch by Kartik Chakole

This is almost exactly how I see Peritia. Strong and Calm. With her arsenal of 119 weapons, I think it makes her quite a formidable opponent.

Kartik, Thank You so much for sketching her!
On to the story!

The darkness was sweeping towards the capital, threatening to engulf the entire land of Celaver.

Taking one look at it, the entire focus turned to the man in the centre of the room.

“We can provide cover, she must run.”

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Chapter 4 – The Past is Just a Story

The soft declaration was followed by a shocked silence and Arderine slowly slumped to the ground.

Almost desperately, she reached out and caught hold of the blanket draped on the bed and in a hoarse voice,  she asked out

“How do you know?”

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