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Year in Review

Year in Review

I was actually looking forward to the year in review that WordPress did last time, but since they didn’t do it this time,I’m just going to run through my year right here.

I actively started blogging from October 2015, but I seem to have missed the stats for January so I’ll start with Feb. Jan was the month of exams, the last semester of my college life had begun. There were loads of ups and Downs,  but I’ve scaled them and come out victorious.

Here are the total stats
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Kindergarten Jungle

Beautiful, this is actually quite a beautiful way to explain the introverted child. Everyone always expects children to be noisy and restless, but I’ve seen children be quiet and serious too. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them, it just means they are interested by different things.


This truly brought a smile to my face!


​All of us have stress, ranging from studies to workload till personal life issues. Still, they are part of our life and always will be.

Imagine a life without obstacles, no thrill, right ?

I think that we should embrace our problems instead of running from them, because each and every obstacle in our life teaches us something and develops us as a better person.

Any obstacle, small or big can be faced with a smile. A smile can change our attitude towards the problem.

Tried to express it in a short tale, titled – “Smile”

Stay smiling, you never know your smile can make somebody’s day 🙂 .

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