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3 Line Tales Week 48 – Mother Knows Best

Photo by Daniel Cheung

Many thanks to Sonya for hosting the Three Line Tales! Yes, I’m late this time, I’m sorry!

Anyway, here’s mine for the week!

Shoes caked in mud, stains all over the shirt, his mother sighed heavily, wondering what to do for her poor 5 year old as she eyed the pattern of the stains closely.

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3 Line Tales Week 44 – Treasure Map

Photo by Andrew Neel

A big thanks to Sonya for hosting the  Three line tales every week.

Here’s mine for this week

She sat with her head in her hands, wondering how to deal with her five year old son. Muddy and bruised, he claimed he’d found a treasure map that led under the treehouse, made a flag, and stuck it on top so no one would steal their treasure. On a sigh, she tried to explain to him, “There is no such thing. That’s how all treasure maps are. Empty.”

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3 Line Tales Week 41 – Big Sis

Bruno Nascimento via Unsplash

I ended up missing TLT last week because of a hectic schedule. But I’m back! A big Thanks to Sonya for hosting this, head to the link to participate or read!

Here’s mine for the week

The huge pink flower seemed to eclipse the smaller red ones that the other two had drawn. The mother frowned, her five year old always had to outdo the other two, Just  like her. Heading to the garden to admonish her daughter, she heard the words loud and clear.

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A Kidnapping

This is a poem I wrote way back when I was still in school. It was one of the first poems I showed my friends and after the appreciation this poem got, I began to maintain a book.

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