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3 Line Tales Week 43 – Sparkler

3 Line Tales
Photo by Zara Walker

A big thanks to Sonya for hosting 3 Line Tales!

Here’s mine for the week 

He raised his hand and clumsily tried to explain the game to her as all the other children looked on. The little princess’ face remained blank,  and the children’s faces fell. There was no point on this party if she wasn’t enjoying herself.  Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 43 – Sparkler”

3 Line Tales Week 20 – Roots

Photo by Emiel Molnaar

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As he watched the big vehicle cross the threshold of the forest he grew up in, tears welled up in his eyes. The open skies shone down on him for the first time in nine years, making him feel so much more exposed than the dark forests.

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Chapter 1: The Lonely Child

It was a morning of perfection as Nick lay on the bench outside Barker’s drugstore. Trees swaying in the mid-morning breeze were accompanied by the sun shining down on his handsome form. Many a girl had their eyes drawn to the young man lounging in the heart of town, dark curls gently being caressed by the breeze, startling blue eyes turned towards the sky.

20 years ago, however, the day hadn’t been this pleasant at all.

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