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3 Line Tales Week 68 – Fetch

As usual, a gieant thanks to Sonya for holding the TLT challenge and for her awesome prompts every week, to read and/or participate in the challenge click here

Here’s mine for the week –

He blinked twice as his jogging pace slowed down, the two silhouettes against the setting too striking to ignore.


He watched as the unknown girl in tattered clothes held a ball above her head and beautifully threw it for his dog to fetch as she giggled delightedly.

Letting out an involuntary giggle of his own, he watched his wife arrive, adoption papers waving in the wind.

©Sonali Mukherjee

3 Line Tales Week 47 – I’ll dedicate it to you

Photo by Ales Krivek

Many thanks to Sonya, as usual, for holding the TLT Challenge!

Here’s mine for the week

Pat pat came the sound from next to him. The only other sounds in the quiet, dark landscape were that of his pants and the thud of his shoes. No one believed in his dream to win the Olympic medal, no one wanted to accompany him on his midnight runs. No one except Trevor.

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