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Twittering Tales #7 – A Day before An Exam!

Many thanks to Kat for hosting Twittering Tales every week! Head to the link above to read last week’s entries and participate this week!

Here’s mine

“No mobiles or tablets! Let’s have a look at your French Grammar!”

There was no stricter teacher than a best friend one day before the exam.

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Fare Thee Well My Friends

My journey of four years in Sardar Patel Institute of Technology ended with the farewell party yesterday!

4 years ago, I was an over-enthusiastic, crazy, immature…wait that hasn’t changed,😅!

Jokes apart, these 4 years have guided and shaped me into the woman I am today. From choosing a seat on the first day to securing a placement, there have been multiple stepping stones, some more jagged than the others. Some cut my feet, others soothed them.

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Where I live, a lot of people choose engineering as a field. Even though I chose it myself, everyone always seems to be laughing at the fact that a girl chose it of her own accord. People used to ask me what the point of it was, since I have to sit at home and cook anyway. At age 10, I asked my dad if that was true.

I can never forget what he told me that day.

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