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3 Line Tales Week 24- Sowing the Seeds of Interest

photo by Ashim D’silva

Head to Sonya’s as usual

Here’s my TLT for today

He felt curious hands reach for the bolts that decorated the floor beside them and watched the big black eyes thoroughly analyze them. Across from him, his father smiled too.

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Chapter 12: Grieving

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For some reason that I have no idea about, when I posted my last chapter, the last few extremely important lines did not get posted, so I’m going to add those lines in bold right below this line


Aurora woke up after a short nap feeling less sore than she had been before. Conjuring the sword really took a lot out of her, she supposed. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to visit Peritia again, just to ask her if the lessons would be changing tomorrow. She imagined they would.

Putting on her simple clothes, she wondered if Nick had enough confidence in her abilities or simply thought she was expendable. She’d really have to visit him today.

Just as she opened her door, a flurry of long limbs seemed to dart by. A little taken aback, she peered out to see Quesios hurrying down the hallway and she followed him just in time to watch him freeze at the sight of Nick coming out of the Library with a few texts in hand.

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The Father-Daughter Relationship

A typical scene at the hospital, a woman screaming behind closed doors, a bulb flashing red above. All around the doors, people are sympathising with her and speaking of the pain she has to endure while giving birth. Everybody has yet to notice the young man, who with clammy hands is nervously pacing up and down the corridor, glancing often at those doors, probably as tense as the woman inside. A look of relief flashes across his face as the screaming melts into the sound of a crying baby. The doctor announces the birth of a daughter. This episode has been narrated to me countless times and my father’s behaviour characterised as “That of a child at Christmas”. That, my friends, was the start of an unbreakable bond, The Father – Daughter Relationship.

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