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3 Line Tales Week 55 – Finally

As usual, a big thanks to Sonya for holding the challenge, to participate or read the other entries, click here

Here’s mine for the week –

“Mommy, Mommy!”, came the excited child’s voice, echoing across the hall, bringing a smile to her face.

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A Date With My Vial of Felix Felicis Part II

In Big Chill

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When someone asks you whether you’d like to visit a book cafe or not, don’t say No.

Piyusha told me that it wasn’t in CP (where we were, if you recall), but in Khan Market, I didn’t really know how to get there anyway, she told me we’d have to travel by metro.
By now, I had already travelled a bit with my friends, so I had a metro card!

For those who are wondering why I would be so happy about it, you have clearly never seen the huge queue for tickets. Even though we were there for a month, all of us had Metro cards and I think all of us kept them,as memoirs of our travels.

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A figure moved quietly under the cover of night, never straying from the shadows. It clutched a package wrapped in dull brown paper.

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