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3 Line Tales Week 49 – Ghost of a Memory

Photo by Clem Onojehungo

A big thank you to Sonya for continuing to consistently hold this challenge.

I’m hoping I can show some consistency too!

Here’s mine for this week

“Grammy, what’cha lookin’ at in this picha?”, the tiny four year old asked, her pigtails dancing as she struggled to pronounce the words. The old white haired face took on a toothless smile. “At a cheetah patterned dress I’d never be able to fit into, on a mannequin,Hon” Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 49 – Ghost of a Memory”

Another year remembering you

Dear Dada,

14th December 2009, I remember writing the date in the specified corner on my answer sheet for my 10th standard prelims. Never in a million years had I thought the significance and grief that would be associated with that date from that fateful afternoon.

Continue reading “Another year remembering you”

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