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Dear Future Me (Part II) 

A year back, Savio had nominated me for a challenge. I had to write a letter to myself, that I would only read a year later. Being the extremely forgetful person that I am, I made sure to set a reminder. It showed up on my calendar yesterday.

You can read it here

It made me realise how the younger, fresher me saw life. How she predicted somehow, how I would be feeling. Little nuances of my life at that time, that were almost forgotten by me till today. 

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Blogger Recognition Award😀


So, I was nominated for this award by Savio😀 Go check out his blog right now! You won’t regret it, I promise😊
Thank You so much!

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Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Many years ago, when I sat down with my mom and talked to her about something I’d read in a book. That we should consider our parents as our best friends, I’d been shocked when she said No.
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The Smiley Thumb Award!


Yayy! This is my third award and I’m so happy!

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