Howling With The Wolf

The unimpeded thoughts of the spirit



Chapter 11: Crumbling

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“Concentrate. Picture your sword, describe it to me”, she heard Peritia say

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Chapter 10: Elapsed

First Encounter
First Encounter (sketch is mine, please give due credit if used)

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On the screen, in various sizes, over and over again was the number 24.

“I think we have our answer”, said Aurora shakily

Fate smiled as she watched the entire scene play out in front of her. Turning to the near comatose girl lying on a bed beside her, she whispered,

It begins


The five of them worked in relative silence in the dungeon as the man remained unconscious. Quesios and Maya were working on some sort of simulation to determine the effect on the body and mind during the second Immersion. Aurora was attempting to find any more anomalies in his chart by comparing it with hers.

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The Sanctity of Silence, the Hope in Song

I wrote this on 21st October in the RK Mission shrine. I hope you like it. Review and comment ☺

In our day to day lives, seldom do we have enough time to ourselves, for silence, for introspection. Today, I don’t ever remember being as comfortable with silence as I was at Ram Krishna Mission at Khar.

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