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The Child In Me

Aditi had nominated me on children’s day,  but I haven’t had time to complete this challenge.  Lately,  work has been quite demanding, and I work odd hours anyway, so I barely have any time for blogging.  Continue reading “The Child In Me”

3 Line Tales Week 35 – What’s for dessert?

photo by Shaun Holloway

A big thanks to Sonya for holding this challenge every week! Head to her page to participate and read!

Here’s mine for the week!

She watched his face screw up at the very mention of pumpkins and held in a laugh. “Can we not have pumpkin for dinner?”, her adorable 6 year old whined. She pinched his cheeks and smiled as he ran out to play with his friends before dinner. 

Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 35 – What’s for dessert?”

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