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To Mumbai, With Love – Sonali

In five days I will leave your ground, leave the land I’ve called my home for twenty three long years. I’ll be leaving my sanctuary, the only city I’ve ever fallen in love with.

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3 Line Tales Week 53 – Perfect

Yes, I’m late, I’m sorry!

As always, a big thanks to Sonya for continuing the TLT Series, if anyone would like to join in or simply read the rest of the entries, click here.

My best friend sent me a post on instagram about being perfect, that’s basically what led to the TLT!

OK, here’s mine for this week

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Twittering Tales #4 – Hidden Love

Photo from Pixabay

A big thanks to Kat for hosting the Twittering Tales! Here’s mine for the day.

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Twittering Tales #3 – Selfie? 

Photo from Pixabay

Here’s the  link  to  Kat’s  blog  if  you  want to read last time’s submissions or take part this time!

Here’s mine for this week


Fear of the ocean

His eyebrows raised


Arm around her shoulders, 

A quiet whispered “You’ll be fine”

Camera flash

Love replaces Fear

©Sonali Mukherjee

3 Line Tales Week 26- Timeless

photo by Rachael Crowe

Head to this week’s TLT on Sonya’s page

Here’s mine for the week

Dark Blue eyes followed his every movement, tracking his hand as it opened his pocket watch and smiling sadly when he cursed at the time. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 26- Timeless”

3 Line Tales Week 18- Gift

*Image by Rosan Harmens

As usual head to Sonya’s for the TLTs

My TLT for this week is

She watched him quietly pick up the shoes from the trashcan and averted her watery gaze when he looked her way.

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3 Line Tales Week 13 – Legend of the Mountain

*image is not mine

It’s Thursday again! So head over to Sonya’s for more 3Line Tales!

Here’s mine for this week

“When you were found near the foot of the mountain, there was an orange rope with you. Did you have contact with any other mountaineer during the three weeks that you were missing for, ma’am?”, asked the reporter.
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Where I live, a lot of people choose engineering as a field. Even though I chose it myself, everyone always seems to be laughing at the fact that a girl chose it of her own accord. People used to ask me what the point of it was, since I have to sit at home and cook anyway. At age 10, I asked my dad if that was true.

I can never forget what he told me that day.

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