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Twittering Tales #6 – Infallible 

Twittering Tales
Photo from Pixabay

A big thanks to Kat for continuing to hold the Twittering Tales Challenge. 

Here’s mine for the week.

Nobody knew about the inspiration – his three friend and dog infallible support team.

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This is how I picture the cave of the lakes in The Quest for the Living Water Series on my blog.
The ferns guard the entrance to the cave, 6 lakes are visible in this picture on the ground
To the bottom right is the Midnight Blue lake – For the Alert
To it’s left at the bottom of the page is Electric Blue – for the eccentric
To the far left at the bottom is Turquoise – for the philosophical
At the top left is Burgundy – for the Magical
Middle top is Blood Red- for the Protectors
And at the top right is Orange – for the uninhibited
You can also see the Golden peeking out a bit at the centre of the painting


                                                                                                                                       ©Sonali Mukherjee

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