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Three Line Tales Week 73 – More Than Enough

As usual, a huge thanks to Sonya for hosting the TLT. Click here to read and/or participate!

Here’s mine for the week –

As temperatures soared to dizzying heights, people began to avoid the beach, tugging away their children and folding up mats and umbrellas hastily to escape the punishing Sun.

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Three Line Tales Week 71 – Flashing Gold

Since I was in Paris on Thursday, I missed out on the TLT for the last week, so even if I’m late, here’s mine for the week!

Also, a big thanks to Sonya for holding these every week! Click here to read or participate!

Strings pulled taut, vision narrowed, a whoosh sounded as soon as the camp leader yelled ‘Release!’ and everyone clapped at the best marksman.

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