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Twittering Tales #5 – Maybe Two is Better than One

Twittering Tales #5
Photo from pixabay

A big Thanks to Kat for hosting the twittering tales!

Here’s mine for the week!

“Do you remember this field, love?” Continue reading “Twittering Tales #5 – Maybe Two is Better than One”

Twittering Tales #4 – Hidden Love

Photo from Pixabay

A big thanks to Kat for hosting the Twittering Tales! Here’s mine for the day.

“Wonder what happened to my love message in a bottle?” Continue reading “Twittering Tales #4 – Hidden Love”

Twittering Tales #1 – Diary

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I stumbled upon this challenge while going through my WordPress Reader.

I generally have very long and elaborate tales, except for the three line tales I take part in every Thursday. Let’s see how I fare with 140 characters!

Thanks to Kat Myrman for hosting this challenge!

Here’s my entry for  the  challenge!

Jan 2012,

Dear Diary,  I wonder what expression he has right now. 

The soft teardrop on the page answered his wife’s question on her last entry. 

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