Howling With The Wolf

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The Man with Stories to Tell

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now, but I haven’t been able to because of exams and other hold ups.

A few days ago, my best friend and I met up in the college campus. (We don’t go to the same college, but our colleges share a campus.) The paths leading to the colleges are a bit confusing at first and if you haven’t been given proper directions, you could end up hopelessly lost in the Bhavans Campus. To make matters worse, those paths have been under construction for the past month, so diversions make them so much more confusing.

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Chapter 7: Memories

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Aurora took the details in, slowly mulling over what she had learned.

“What about our Mother?”

Queen Arderine sighed softly at the tentatively voiced question.

The answer was equally soft.

“She IS the Light.”

Amy bowed her head respectfully as her Queen grieved for her mother. Aurora’s voice seemed to have frozen itself. Her lips formed soundless words as her mind tried to make sense of this new revelation.

“The war was depleting our resources and without the Light to protect us, our people would have perished.” The Queen paused, steadying her voice before continuing, “Apart from the 23 Lakes you saw, there is one more. Visible only to a select few – The Protectors of the Light. There are only 5 at any given time and they are spread over the entire world. Mother was one of them.”

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