This is a new series that I am still working on. Unlike The Quest of The Living Water, this series consists of an array of stand-alone stories, which means that they can be read individually or as part of a series.

The series is based on my previous article From Inside Our Minds, and a concept called ‘The Onion Metaphor’. It deals with telepathy and a deeper understanding of the mind as I see it.

This is intended as a work of fiction and I do not claim to know the ins and outs of psychology and therapy. This is simply my take on dealing with a mental condition, which hasn’t been statistically proven yet. I will be magnifying the concept to about 10 times its size to deal with the minute details that I want to add to it.

Also unlike The Quest Series is the fact that this series is set to be considerably darker and more intense than my earlier stories. Some stories may contain triggers and hence I would urge you to please read the Trigger Warnings that I will be highlighting in bold at the top of each story.

The Prologue will be up quite soon and it is the only part of the story that requires to be read before proceeding to the stand-alone episodes. I do hope you enjoy the story.


Episode 1 – Denial (Part I)

Debby moved into Styke and his step sister Di’s house to act as the 15 year old girl’s nanny to help Styke maintain custody of Di. When Styke notices Debby forgetting an entire conversation within a matter of hours during which she was exhibiting weird behaviour. Can Steve, the counselor turned behavioural analyst who took care of Styke and Di help Debby with her problem?

Episode 1 – Denial (Part II)

Steve, Styke’s neighbour and friend asks Debby about a painting in Di’s room. Debby clarifies that Di didn’t paint. Debby and Styke seek Steve’s help regarding Debby’s loss of certain memories including drawing a certain picture