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July 2019

Three Line Tales Week 74 – Chateau d’Or

As usual, a giant thanks to Sonya for hosting the TLT series. Even though I’m late to the party most of the times!

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Here’s mine for the week –

Tourists gushed over the beauty of the chateau as it stood majestically over the water, oohing and aahing as it glinted gold as the sun hit it just right.

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The Tale of the two Pigtails

I’ve been watching a lot of hair related videos lately – not consciously, just what YouTube keeps recommending and as a consequence, I’ve ended up braiding my hair before sleep so I wake up tangle free (And with awesome natural waves)

I generally do a classic braid going down my back (well, maybe mid-back) but today I felt like something else and on impulse I put my hair into two schoolgirl style braids.

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Chapter 9 – Long burns the Candle Whose Wick is Trimmed

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The sigh he heaved displaced some of the dust in the otherwise unperturbed room – untouched by time and locked in its own little bubble in space.

He wondered if even the spirits of the forest dared to encroach the space around the room – an eerie sadness framing the beautifully set furniture lying forever in wait for its true owner to come claim it. For them to walk in and turn it into the paradise it was built to encase.

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