Plucked from the world she lived in for 21 years, Regina is thrust into a world where even the walls are made of Light.
However, strange events occur and her life ends up depending on an elixir whose location is based on a forgotten legend.

Character Profiles



Quest for the Living Water Part I – Castle of Shining Light

Chapter 1: The Lonely Child

Chapter 2: The Awakening

Chapter 3: Disoriented

Chapter 4: Beckoning

Chapter 5: Chosen

Chapter 6: Revelations

Chapter 7: Memories

Chapter 8: Spectrum

Chapter 9: Unknown

Chapter 10: Elapsed

Chapter 11: Crumbling

Chapter 12: Grieving

Chapter 13 : Drowning


Quest for the Living Water Part II – The March Across The Desert


Chapter 1 – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Chapter 2 – Two is Better Than One

Chapter 3 – Of Traitors and Friends

Chapter 4 – The Past is Just a Story

Chapter 5 – Deep Breath Before The Plunge

Chapter 6 – Nothing Haunts Like The Things We Haven’t Said

Chapter 7 – Whispers of the Spirit

Chapter 8 – The String That Ties You to Me

Chapter 9 – Long Burns The Candle Whose Wick is Trimmed