Howling With The Wolf

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March 2017

I’m thankful for Tag

So, after a long time, Savio has nominated me for another tag.

Honestly, I believe everyone should take part in this tag because generally we have a tendency to look at the at the wrongs rather than the rights in our lives. Continue reading “I’m thankful for Tag”

3 Line Tales Week 50 – Mountainside

Photo by Fleur Treurinet

A big thanks to Sonya as usual for holding this challenge! 

Here is mine for this week

“Are you sure it’s here? You we’re probably too young to remember”, the young man whined. The dark eyes that looked at him hadn’t wavered in their determination. “Look for a small cottage-ish structure. It should be around here.”, she said, her  eyes  darting around the mountainside. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 50 – Mountainside”

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