Howling With The Wolf

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August 2016

Weekly Writing Prompt 1 – Third Floor

This is the first time I have tried this prompt, The Secret Keeper’s weekly challenge. Click on the link to check the rules

The words to be used are


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Chapter 1 – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

quote taken from this chapter

You can find the previous chapters here

The clatter of falling vessels was loud as the maids crashed into the walls, making way for the queen to run past them. The din had finally stopped when the library doors swung open and the panting queen’s shadow fell upon the man sitting at the desk in the centre, surrounded by shelves of books.

She watched him stand up and bow slightly, awaiting her words.

Why did you allow him to leave?

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The Visit to Sarojini Nagar Market

Yes, the first post of the Delhi Diaries is finally here!

The first thing you do when you get your salary is to start planning how to save it and ration it. Hence on a day when we had nothing to do, we chose the most rational way out! We went shopping!😉

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3 Line Tales Week 26- Timeless

photo by Rachael Crowe

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Here’s mine for the week

Dark Blue eyes followed his every movement, tracking his hand as it opened his pocket watch and smiling sadly when he cursed at the time. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 26- Timeless”

The March Across the Desert- Prologue

quote taken from this chapter

This is part two of the Quest of the Living Water, read the first part here.

He stood motionless, staring at the huge man in front of him in fear. 9 feet tall, the giant shot him a glance filled with malice.
“What is a kid like you doing here?”, he asked in a terrifying voice.

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3 Line Tales Week 25- Do Not Open

Image by Breno Machado

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Here’s my TLT for the week

Purples and reds filled the sky as she watched, hands clasped, breath held. Not everyone had the gift of sight, not everyone could see the two titans fighting in the dark background.

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Leibster Award!

So, Aromas of My Kitchen, my mom, nominated me for this award! I have a quickly piling up list of blogs to publish, so I know this is overdue, and I’m sorry, the first of the Delhi Diaries will be coming up on Friday or Saturday.

Anyway, do visit her blog, she puts up recipes that are easy to cook and serve even when you’ve never picked up a pan before, and if you’re already a good cook, she has a few advanced recipes for you. Continue reading “Leibster Award!”

The City of Firsts

We’re leaving together, but still it’s farewell

And maybe we’ll come back to Earth, who can tell

I guess there is no one to blame, we’re leaving ground

Will things ever be the same again

It’s the final countdown Continue reading “The City of Firsts”

3 Line Tales Week 24- Sowing the Seeds of Interest

photo by Ashim D’silva

Head to Sonya’s as usual

Here’s my TLT for today

He felt curious hands reach for the bolts that decorated the floor beside them and watched the big black eyes thoroughly analyze them. Across from him, his father smiled too.

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