photo by Ashim D’silva

Head to Sonya’s as usual

Here’s my TLT for today

He felt curious hands reach for the bolts that decorated the floor beside them and watched the big black eyes thoroughly analyze them. Across from him, his father smiled too.

Since then every time they fixed the computer or fan or anything at all, they let those hands feel the components, teaching about hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers to a 4 year old, sowing seeds of interest.

17 years later, the engineer remembered the lines of her grandfather and father clearly

Who said only boys can have all the fun?

This is actually my story. When I was a kid, my dad and grandfather used to fix the computer in the living room, with the keyboard lying around, monitor open, CPU being dissected.

My mother remembers me asking her what I would have to study to make sense of those blue, red and yellow wires.

I remember walking to the middle of the room and plonging myself beside the keyboard, running my hands delicately over the keys, crawling to the open CPU and asking why it also needs a fan like us.

I remember being gifted a set of screwdrivers and a tester, the day I started the collection for my own toolbox.

I have probably said this many times, but I couldn’t see my grandfather’s reaction to becoming an Engineer, carrying forward that legacy.  

There will never be enough thanks for my family, who believed in a four year old girl’s dream and pushed her forward instead of ignoring it. Even though it was considered the field for men, they never hestitated to let me get my hands in the job. They let me fix fans, and switchboards, and let me take away a prize from each mini project.

Capacitors, resistors, wires, circuits and even a whole motherboard!

Thank You to all of them, I could have never reached where I stand today if it was not for them!