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November 2016


This truly brought a smile to my face!


​All of us have stress, ranging from studies to workload till personal life issues. Still, they are part of our life and always will be.

Imagine a life without obstacles, no thrill, right ?

I think that we should embrace our problems instead of running from them, because each and every obstacle in our life teaches us something and develops us as a better person.

Any obstacle, small or big can be faced with a smile. A smile can change our attitude towards the problem.

Tried to express it in a short tale, titled – “Smile”

Stay smiling, you never know your smile can make somebody’s day 🙂 .

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Chapter 4 – The Past is Just a Story

The soft declaration was followed by a shocked silence and Arderine slowly slumped to the ground.

Almost desperately, she reached out and caught hold of the blanket draped on the bed and in a hoarse voice,  she asked out

“How do you know?”

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Chapter 3 – Of Traitors and Friends

The sketch is mine, please give due credit if posted elsewhere

The silence in the hall was heavy with thought,  both Arderine and Nick had seated themselves, staring at the map with unseeing eyes, each lost in their thoughts.

Peritia traced the hills with her good hand,  the other in a plaster. The cut had been deep, almost to the bone.

Leaving the two staring at the map, she settled down next to Aurora, who looked as confused as the first day she had met her.

“Do you remember the hills of Ammolofoi? “,she asked the quiet girl.

“Sand, that’s all I can remember”, came the quivering reply.

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The Child In Me

Aditi had nominated me on children’s day,  but I haven’t had time to complete this challenge.  Lately,  work has been quite demanding, and I work odd hours anyway, so I barely have any time for blogging.  Continue reading “The Child In Me”

3 Line Tales Week 39- Masquerade 

Photo by Sandis Helvigs

A  big  thanks to Sonya for hosting this challenge! I have barely had time to blog, with my hectic schedule. 

Here’s my take

Carefully picking up the hem of her dress, she stepped over the curtain. “A young lady must not sneak around!”, she could almost hear her Aunt say. The ball was in full swing. Masked men dancing with beautiful women in gowns. Continue reading “3 Line Tales Week 39- Masquerade “

3 Line Tales Week 38 – Conscience 

Photo by Jace Grandinetti

A  big  thanks to  Sonya for hosting this challenge!

Here’s my take on the prompt

He stumbled through the maze, his head foggy with fatigue, dragging his feet through the narrow lanes. If there was anything worse than dead ends,  they were unending roads filled with the horrors of his past

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3 Line Tales Week 37 – Les Opposés S’attirent 

Photo by Dmitri Papov

Many thanks to Sonya for hosting the three  line  tales  as  usual!

Here’s my take on it

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Third Story Published Online! 

Hi guys! I’m really happy right now because my third story was published on Readomania day before yesterday! 

So  far  the  three  published  are

  1. A Neatly Pinned Photo
  2. The Fifteen Year Wait
  3. By Your Side

I’d love any feedback on the stories either in the form of e-mails, comments, votes or ratings on Readomania! 

Thanks to everybody who has ever commented,  given feedback or liked my posts.  You’ll give me the impetus to write and share my stories with everyone! 


Celebrating The Little Things Tag! 

Sorry, I  had  everything ready  and  I  simply forgot to post this one!

I  remembered  just  now! My  memory  sucks, sorry@( ̄- ̄)@

So Savio tagged me on this post! 

There are a few questions to be answered,  so here goes! 

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