Photo by Dmitri Papov

Many thanks to Sonya for hosting the three  line  tales  as  usual!

Here’s my take on it

The building was perfectly built, every rectangle perfectly cut and painted, not a  single crooked line on a 14 year old’s painting. Her teachers praised her for her meticulosity throughout school.  She sighed as she heard his voice calling out to her and put the 14 year old drawing back in her drawer, shouting out a “Coming! ” and walking out into the room. 

There he was, shifting around the sofas into the most abstract pattern she had ever seen. “Looks natural, doesn’t it, I was thinking of this the own together look for a while now. “, he said excitedly. She had to smile. 

Somewhere between the meticulous painting and marrying this abstract-art-loving-easily-excitable kid, she had verified one myth of this world. Opposites Attract. 

©Sonali Mukherjee 

This TLT is based on my parents. My dad loves the song Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul, and to someone like me, who grew up with parents who are polar opposites, it kinda makes sense.
I did throw the characteristics around a bit. Dad is the meticulous one when it comes to drawing and stuff, he’s a mechanical engineer so it’s understandable and mom gets bored of sofa arrangements really quick.

But dad is still the more excitable one though!