Photo by Sandis Helvigs

A  big  thanks to Sonya for hosting this challenge! I have barely had time to blog, with my hectic schedule. 

Here’s my take

Carefully picking up the hem of her dress, she stepped over the curtain. “A young lady must not sneak around!”, she could almost hear her Aunt say. The ball was in full swing. Masked men dancing with beautiful women in gowns.

Her toes throbbed from being stepped on by some crazy man who decided he had to dance with her. She stepped out into the garden and quickly made her way to the greenhouse. “My lady?”, she heard, and she quickly picked up a leaf from the ground.

“It’s a masked ball, I have no idea who you are, good sir. Kindly cover your face with this humble mask. It seems that you have dropped yours.” As young lords danced with wealthy ladies, the butler danced with his mistress. In the greenhouse, a forbidden love bloomed.

©Sonali Mukherjee 

I have always found myself drawn to such stories, Butler with their mistresses, Princess and Footman, Lord and maid. I’m not talking about adultery though, just pure love. It tugs at the heartstrings!