Photo by Rebecca Johnston

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Here’s mine for the week

Ever since she’d saved him from the gang of bullies at the village pre school, this little wild boy had stuck himself to her side and repeatedly invited her to his home. She had always been under a very strict regime, told to never speak to other boys in case the prince she had been promised to decided to take his wrath out on the village. She pictured a huge castle and wondered how she could ever fit in in such a place.

However, today, her parents wouldn’t be home, they wouldn’t miss her if she was late, that’s how she wound up herewith him, avoiding protruding branches and weird insects, wondering just how far out of the village this boy lived. She was shaken out of her musings by his excited, “We’re here” and the whole world seemed to have stopped as soon as she looked up.

Before the setting sun, a pure white stag stood proudly, among others, and as soon as the sun had set, it transformed into a man in a pure white clothes. “So this is the girl you always talk about, my prince”, the stag-turned-man spoke in an entrancing voice. The little girl turned towards the prince of the forest, her eyes wide and the little boy smiled. “Welcome home, my princess

©Sonali Mukherjee